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ergobag specialize in ergonomic school bags and has made protecting kids' backs from an early age its top priority. ergobag won the Red Dot Design award in 2011, the most prominent international product competition award which honors high quality design.


From professional sports to our kid's backs: The ergobag school backpacks adhere to the principles of optimal weight distribution; these principles have been tested and proven for many years in professional hiking backpacks. ergobags grow along with the kids themselves - they are fully adjustable to ensure optimum load distribution by sharing the weight evenly between the shoulders and the hips.

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ergobag backpacks are made using eco-friendly Cyclepet fabrics, which are manufactured entirely from recycled PET bottles, thus saving water and reducing CO2 emissions.

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The exchangeable Kletties (badges) enable everyone to style their ergobag individually. You can explore over 20 different ergobag Klettie-Sets. And you can even style your very own Kletties on

The vision of ergobag is to become synonymous with school bags worldwide. Watch this video on the ergonomic concept of ergobag:

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