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The finest shoe brands in the world originate from Italy, a place renowned for excellent quality and design in footwear. IMAC SpA is one such Italian brand reputed for its shoes made of high quality leather and rubber soles. The stylish designed IMAC shoes are lightweight and flexible, and its construction provide excellent pressure support to the feet. Thus very active children will feel light and comfortable in their IMAC shoes all day long.

IMAC SpA has been working for nearly thirty years in the footwear industry and is nowadays one of the five Italian biggest manufacturers in the field of shoes for men, women and kids. It employs both the conventional technology of the “mounted” bottom and the injection directly onto the upper of the polyurethane foam bottom.

Every day millions of people discover the casual comfort of the IMAC footwear.

The unique features of its "Made in Italy", sporty City-Look, meet the needs of young people of all ages. Natural, with lining that lets your feet breathe and uppers in soft natural leather.

Light, supple and sturdy, thanks to an expanded polyurethane sole isolated by a soft layer of felt. Anatomical and comfortable, designed with the best interests of your feet in mind.

IMAC footwear is the result of highly advanced production's techniques which make it a trustworthy, competitive and quality product.

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