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Shooz 4 Kidz welcome



At Shooz 4 Kidz, we'll help outfit your kid - in shoes you love, in shoes they love.

Shooz 4 Kidz was founded in 2004 by two expatriate mothers in Singapore, who could not find quality leather shoes for their six children altogether. Hence the decision to leave the corporate world and become entrepreneurs. We wanted to share our love for quality and comfortable shoes to other parents, and we diligently attended the major trade fairs around the world to source for the best brands. We are proud to have served our customers for ten years in our store in United Square. However, due to ever increasingly high rentals, we had no choice but to close down our three physical stores and moved our operations online.

We stock quality comfortable shoes for babies, toddlers, and kids from trusted international brands. Plus, the award-winning brands (think Garvalin). We have it all in our big browsable closet.

As quality shoes are essential for the healthy development of children's feet, we offer shoes that have been endorsed and highly recommended by Podiatrists, such as the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA).


And because kids can be fussy about their shoes, we offer designs that have a WOW factor and lots of details - fun bright color, embroidery, glitter, lights. Not to forget the classic and timeless designs that are wardrobe essentials.

Shop with 100% assurance that if something doesn't quite work out, you can always return your purchase.


Shoes for Everyone

Infant shoes
For babies from 6 months to 2 years old, our favorites are shoes made of the softest leather with anti-skid leather soles. Shoes that are easy to put on and off are a must.

Toddler shoes
Colorful awesome fun designs to immerse in the magical enchanted world of children.

Tweenies shoes
Young children today are much more aware of colors, designs and fashion trends. These exigent young customers, accompanied by mummy and/or daddy, want to select their own shoes and make the right choice for each occasion.

At Shooz 4 Kidz, they will find a wide range of sneakers and ballerinas of soft fluid lines with a real "grown up" look, yet have small fine details that make them look and feel special. She/he is guaranteed to be the superstar upon stepping out in these stunning shoes.

Adolescent shoes
Mummies and Daddies, are you amazed at how your kids' feet grow so fast and reach adult sizes? Do you feel the designs of adult shoes are not suitable, and designs of regular children's shoes are too kiddish? No worries!

We have just the right footwear for you! Hip and cool designs with soft comfortable insoles and rubber outsoles, to make every walking step a delight!